$100. Gift Certificate
$200. Gift Certificate
$250. Gift Certificate
$50. Gift Certificate
1994 Cabernet Sauvignon
Apple Wine - Sold Out!
Bella Cranberry
Blackberry Blitz Jam
Blackberry Cobbler Jam
Blackberry Wine - Sold Out!
Blueberry Wine
Blueberry/Island Belle
Chardonnay/Gewürztraminer Gift Pack
Chocolate Wine Truffles
Cran-Bella Berry Jam
Cranberry Wine- Sold Out!
Gift Certificates
Gift Packs
Grenache - Sold Out!
Hood Canal Breakfast Coffee
Hoodsport Coffees
Hoodsport Gold Medal Coffee
Hoodsport Winery Jams
Island Belle
Island Belle Wine and Glasses
Madeleine Angevine
Madeleine Angevine
Majestic Olympus
Merlot - Sold Out!
Olympic Peninsula Roast Coffee
Orca Chard-Merlot Gift Pack - Sold Out!
Orca Riesling-Chard Gift Pack - Sold Out!
Pear Wine - Sold Out!
Pear/Raspberry Gift Pack Sold out!
Private Wine & Chocolate for 2
Private Wine & Chocolate for 4
Private Wine Tastings
Puget Sound Decaf coffee
Raspberry Gift Pack with Glasses - Sold Out
Raspberry Wine - Sold Out!
Rhubarb Wine - Sold Out!
Rhubarb/Raspberry Gift Pack - Sold Out
Rhuby Baby Jam
Sauvignon Blanc

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